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Astrologer Poonam Kaila – the epicenter where you will get closer to the healing power of cosmic energy. We at AstologerPoonam Kaila suggest what’s best for you, guide you with all the help you require for a happy and healthy flow of life, and make you aware of the near expected turn of future.

Astrologer Poonam Kaila has offered Astrological Remedies and Education to the most renowned clients from India and Abroad, who approach for their diverse needs and requirements related to personal & professional Worries and Astrology but, whose identity cannot be revealed due to the unsaid confidentiality bond that is highly measured. This site is dedicated to Astrologer , Dowsing vaastu expert, numerologist aura scanning and holistic healing . We aim to spread these Sciences to each and every corner of the world at any time which has been made possible by the means of e-technology.

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Vedic astrology is an extremely extensive subject which encompasses a variety of services. As such there can be any number of astrology services in Delhi…


VaastuShastra is an ancient Indian Vedic Science of Architecture that puts down guidelines on the construction of buildings such that they are in harmony with the environment or nature.


‘To Dowse’ means ‘to find’! Dowsing is an art of locating ground water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil and many other objects and materials with the help of …

Aura Scanning

The human aura is made up of our bodies’ emanations, neural thought patterns, and spiritual energies of the ambient air.


Numerology is the study of numbers and their vibrational tendencies, particularly as they affect personal characteristics and human events.

Holistic Healing

It is our deepest wish for every human being on this planet to become Whole again, to realize their own Holy Trinity by reuniting their sacred Mind, Body, and Spirit so that Divine Grace and Love can be brought forth to create Heaven on Earth.